Second language acquisition ma thesis

Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Davis. AAT Brinckwirth, A. Implementation and outcomes of an online English-Portuguese tandem language exchange program delivered jointly across a U. Doctoral dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University. Cheng, H. Doctoral dissertation, Indiana State University.

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Cho, Y. Exploring second language L2 learners' language learning experience in social networking environments. Doctoral dissertation. Hinkelman, D.

Transfer in Second Language Acquisition

Blending technologies in foreign language programs. Doctoral thesis, The University of Melbourne. Kang, M. East asian students' negotiation of silence in a university intensive english reading class: An examination of cross-cultural transition within a project-oriented CALL approach. Doctoral dissertation, Iowa State University. Jones, J. Immersion within call. Master's thesis. Kurtz, L. Learning from twenty-first century second language learners: A case study in smartphone use of language learners. Master's thesis, Iowa State University.

Lin, C.

Cristóbal Lozano – Research supervision

Language learning through social networks: Perceptions and reality. Longberg, P. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Utah. McMurry, B. Evaluation in computer-assisted language learning. Doctoral dissertation, Brigham Young University. Mroz, A. Nature of L2 negotiation and co-construction of meaning in a problem-based virtual learning environment: A mixed methods study. Doctoral dissertation, The University of Iowa.

Park, H. Four English language learners' experiences and strategy use in learning environments of multiliteracies. Doctoral dissertation, University of South Florida. Prihatin, P.

Exam information

The computer integration into the EFL instruction in Indonesia: An analysis of two university instructors in integrating computer technology into EFL instruction to encourage students' language learning engagement. Doctoral dissertation, Loyola University. Reynolds, A. Intersections of contexts and concepts in learning to teach: A qualitative case study of the appropriation of the communicative language teaching approach by pre-service teachers of Spanish in the United States.

Doctoral dissertation, The Ohio State University. Romero, I.

Research supervision

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The effect of adaptive confidence strategies in computer-assisted instruction on learning and learner confidence. Doctoral dissertation, The Florida State University. Al Ghafli, M.

Second Language Education (Thesis) - Gender and Women's Studies, M.A.

The effect of mediated glosses on vocabulary retention and reading comprehension with English language learners in Saudi Arabia. Doctoral dissertation, University of Kansas. Alshamari, A. The development of L2 writing in a computerized process-centred learning project. Doctoral thesis, The University of Queensland.

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Cardenas-Claros, M. A preliminary framework of help options in computer-based second language listening. Chen, Y.

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The influence of integrating technology in language learning courses. Doctoral thesis, University of Kansas. Dalton, M. Social networking and second language acquisition: Exploiting Skype TM chat for the purpose of investigating interaction in L2 English learning. Dang, N. Master's thesis, Minnesota State University. Gardner, J. Using web 2. Doctoral dissertation, Saint Mary's College of California. Greenleaf, J. Implementing computer-assisted language learning in the teaching of second language listening skills.

Hepburn, A.