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The ACT looks for essay scorers who can closely follow a rubric for accurate and consistent grading of the essays. Creative English Solutions provides test development and scoring help to English language learners and their educational institutions. Your team leader will provide helpful feedback to you often so that you can continue to do the best job possible, much like continuous training provides. Join Opinion Outpost Now. This opportunity is a bit more difficult to find on the site because it requires some specialization with teaching English to non-native students.

You also need at least two years of professional experience teaching English as a second language. This position may run year-round, as the job listing indicates that this test is given at different times throughout the year. Click on Frequently Asked Questions and then find the link to the application. Literably hides the link on its site to its scorer application, but you can find it here. The company accepts people from all over the world to score as long as they can pass the assessment piece.

It does appear that your rate may be influenced by how much work you complete and your accuracy with scoring. Measurement, Inc. Pearson is a leading name in the education industry, offering online education programs and various testing services for educational institutions all over the US. Depending on your qualifications and background, you may be eligible for year-round opportunities for more technical tests.

Many colleges and universities also want to see this score before deciding on who to accept to their institutions. Here, you find jobs you want to do all are remote! This is a good option for those who want ultimate flexibility with test scoring, as you can choose the amount of work to pick up and when you want to work.

WriteScore seems to be one of the most popular options for people who want to work from home scoring tests. Tutors from all over the world are allowed to apply but might not always be accepted depending on subject and language needs at the time. This company has test scorer positions available for people who are fluent in English and another language. The group of skaters which was practicing daily in the hopes of qualifying for the Olympics was found to a b c be skipping school on a regular basis in order to t in more hours out on the rink.

Many cell phone companies offer exible programs like rollover minutes, family plans, and music a downloads because they think that will win over a growing number of new customers. When Jasmine set out to nd a job, she decided that she would start with businesses different than the ones a b c her friends went to, including the bookstore, candy shop, and coffee bistro. If one takes the time to plan a vacation, map the best route, reserve the hotels, purchase the tickets, and a b pack the luggage, the least you could do is be ready on time!

Although Lydia knows everything there is to know about trees and plants, they do not think that her idea a b c of opening her own nursery is a very good one. After the whole terrible incident was nally over, I shaked from my head to my toes and I was covered in a b c d goose bumps.


Of the two Alfred Hitchcock movies I have seen, I like Psycho the best, not only because of its lighting, a b but also because Anthony Perkins is one of my favorite actors. She and I earned enough money from the recyclables we turned in at the community center to have a b enough to get both of the compact discs that we wanted.

In large bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble, there isnt hardly a single plush chair where no a b c d people are sitting, browsing through books, or paging through magazines. Birds like swifts and swallows spend the majority of the year living in central and southern Africa; in the a b dry season, however, they y to Europe where there is more food and warmer climates. Although Alexander Graham Bell was the one who discovered how to send the human voice along wires, a but it was Guglielmo Marconi who built the rst machine able to send messages by radio wave.

A good radio disc jockey is someone who plays the right combination of popular songs and golden oldies, a b talks directly and personally to the listeners, and inserts commercials where needed. Also, their voice c d should be deep and soothing. In the Shakespearian play, the character of Macbeth, a man with a domineering wife and a weak will, is a going to kill the king so he can take his place, but in the end, Macbeth placed the responsibility on his wife b c instead. Because Phillip has a nasty case of the stomach u, he hasnt ate a single bite of food in more than three a b c d days.

Because so many novice writers receive innumerable rejection slips, regardless of their basic abilities, a b c one often gets terribly discouraged. Tracy had been waiting for her package from UPS for more than a week; her grandmother was sending her a b c several jars of homemade jam and some of her famous chocolate chip cookies. I get along fairly good with my younger sister Jennifer, but when we had to share the same room, we fought a b c d on an hourly basis the majority of the time.

Hammerhill was an amazing piano teacher; she was the only person which taught her students how a b c to play with their heart and soul, instead of by memorizing notes and nger positions. One of my favorite books of all time being Replay, about a man who gets the chance to live his life over and a b over again, each time remembering his former lives and choosing a different path to follow.

Reading through the local daily newspaper, it always features the current news, regular comic strips, classied a b ads, movie listings, and, of course, current sports scores. The physicians particularly enjoyed the afternoon workshop offered by the retired doctor who has been to a b c India during a serious outbreak of smallpox.

The hours went by so slow while she sat in the dentists chair that she could hardly believe it was still a b c daylight when she nally got back out to her car in the parking lot. The post ofce, public libraries, and schools were all closed for the holiday, however, the bank was still a b c open, much to my relief.

The teenager repeatedly stated how pleased he was that the temporary argument between we and them had a b c been settled so quickly and easily.

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My mother is preparing for the big family party by ordering the owers, putting up the decorations, a b cooking the food, and to bake enough cookies to send a dozen home with each person. The historic old house was due to be torn down that weekend; I was adamant that we could stop it from a b c happening if we just gathered enough people to protest the destruction of a piece of local history. Neither of the shampoo commercials were remotely interesting to me, so I was more grateful than ever for a b c the mute button on my television remote.

Had she only done like I had told her, what should have been a tight, logical, and smooth debate against the a b c rival high school team would not have turned into such a devastating and monumental loss for our team. The telephone rang repeated, and within less than an hour, the answering machine was completely full of a b messages from people who were concerned about me. Considering how exhausted she was, I think that my grandmother should not have attempted to clean the a b c house as thorough as she did.

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To teach a class well, you need to know the material thoroughly, pay close attention to the students, show a a b c sincere interest in the topic, and be willing to go back over the more complicated details. In the latest murder mystery by my all-time favorite author, he made sure to include an evil villain, some a b c confusing clues, a bumbling detective, and a twist-lled ending.

While a persons health may be affected by a number of factors, it is illogical for one to think that daily a b nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep will not gradually over some time make a signicant difference. While the number of coffee shops opening in cities like Portland and Seattle keep expanding, business a b owners continue to invest in this highly competitive market. Despite continued warning labels and aggressive advertising campaigns on radio and television, there is a b still an astonishing number of young adults who are smoking cigarettes on a daily basis.

High above the Pacic Ocean rises the brilliantly painted clouds reecting the suns very last remnants of a b c d light. Poor writing, along with inadequate research skills and out-of-date information, are among the main a b c reasons a term paper will get a failing grade in this class. Several witnesses seen the defendant running away from the scene of the crime, according to court records a b c of their testimony.

According to the daily newspaper and television headlines, there is a multitude of reasons that gasoline a b c prices continue to climb with every passing week.

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The imminent professor was delighted to see that the college auditorium was completely lled with a b c students eager to hear his lecture on the recent controversy over stem cell research. Once my sister Katherine knew I was ready, she thrown the ball at me so I could practice catching it with a b c the brand-new baseball mitt I had gotten for my birthday. Often mistaken for termites, carpenter ants have longer bodies and shorter wings than termites, and while a b c termite antennae are straight, the antennae of the carpenter variety is bent or elbowed.

The classied ad in todays newspaper suggested that only persons with a Volkswagen bus built between a b c and attend the repair workshop. Him and the other guys on the high school track team went to the coachs house after the meet for a a b c victory celebration complete with unlimited amounts of pizza and soda.

Surprisingly enough, in the long line in front of the new coffee shop, barely no one had ever heard of the a b c group that was going to be appearing that afternoon. As much as I have tried to adopt to living out in the country, I just can not get used to the silence at a b c night, the roosters crowing in the morning, or the lack of neighbors for miles around me. Despite the companys focus on cultural diversity, the ofce manager apparently discriminated to hiring a b c d female applicants.

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For as long as I have known Tamra, she has been inicted with severe daily headaches that simply do not a b c respond to any kind of traditional or alternative medicine. By the end of the school year, Julia could not believe it when her coach told her that she had swum more a b c d than 20 miles just in practice laps.

A number of musical artists produce an average of one album per year, but due to the constant play time a b c of individual songs on the radio, appeared to release quite a bit more. You can never truly save enough money because you never know when anything from a horrible a b c catastrophe to an unbelievable opportunity might knock at your door. According to recent surveys, families who take the time to regular eat meals together demonstrate closer a b c relationships, increased levels of communication, and a strong sense of unity. A veteran carpenter traditionally keeps their various tools in excellent condition by storing them in a a b c dry, safe place and replacing anything that cannot be easily repaired.

Despite the dire forest re warnings for the surrounding area, there are still hundreds of stubborn a b homeowners who refuse to take any of the necessary precautions. Through the front gates of the Graceland mansion passes thousands of visitors who have come to pay a b c their respects to Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll.

My favorite clowns are the ones which look like they are going to throw a bucket of water out into the a b audience, but at the last minute, they pour it on their heads and it is actually just torn up pieces of paper. Half of the students in the class stayed up all night in order to work in the questions that confused them a b c the most.

Identifying sentence errors, although helpful for preparing for the SAT, can be quite tedious once you have a b c d read more than a hundred of them. This statement uses a double negative. Both isnt and hardly are both negatives.

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The isnt should be changed to is. When two things are compared, an adjective in the comparative degree is needed. The best should be better. This question contains an error in pronoun shift. The sentence begins with you but changes at the end to one. You have to be consistent all the way through from beginning to end. The subject of the sentence is gathering, which is singular.

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The verb should also be singular, so the were should be was. There is an error in diction in this sentence.

An adverb is needed to modify the verb rang. Unexpected should be unexpectedly. This question tests an error in diction.