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The idea is then transformed into an academic concept by presenting arguments and evidences. It should be noted that a well written dissertation address the research topic at all levels, and is written in a concise manner. However, many students simply do not know where to start.

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Specific to your academic requirements and interests. Outline of your proposed dissertation — based on topic of your choice.

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Delivered in parts, so you can review and provide feedback while we develop your full dissertation. Research Aim: This research will focus on the ecological and environmental influences that can be caused because of water wastage while developing an effective model that can be utilised for effective water management in order to reduce the wastage of water.

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This research will focus on real-life scenarios of water management occurring in developing nations while recommending major changes in their existing water management system. Team assignments are an effective format to explore practical industry projects and problems, providing the type of engineering management training that translates into the work graduates will do in their career.

The curriculum gives students a chance to tackle engineering projects beyond the theoretical, to demonstrate their unique insights and perspectives.

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This perspective on engineering management training sets up an environment for students to advance their technical expertise, develop leadership skills, expand their business acumen and interact in a global community. The Information Characterization and Exploitation ICE lab and the Engineering Systems Lab are examples of College of Engineering labs students may find helpful for their engineering management training. Internships and assistantships are available for students to enhance their engineering management training. The department offers these opportunities to deserving students based on internally established criteria.

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Occasional internships are available to eligible students in local corporations. While completing engineering internships and assistantships, students discover potential career paths and develop professional relationships that could lead to employment.

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  4. Armed with a foundation centered on innovation, diversity, ethics, and leadership, graduates are well prepared for executive-level decision-making and corporate leadership. Engineering management jobs are found in different industry sectors, as engineering is a vital component in these different business environments. Engineers are found in construction, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, architecture, and more.

    As growing industries like biotechnology continue to grow, more engineers and more engineering managers will be needed. Check the handbook on engineering and management jobs options.

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    Please see the checklist of required documents for a list of supporting documentation that must be submitted with your application. Please see application deadlines for specific dates. Note that the application deadlines listed are for both the online application and all supporting documentation. Applications for admission to all graduate studies programs are submitted online.

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    There are five steps you must go through to complete the application process. See application process and requirements for step-by-step instructions. Many of our graduate programs are extremely competitive; the number of qualified applicants normally exceeds the number of seats available for each intake. Satisfaction of minimum entry requirements does not ensure admission.

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    Applicants to professional or course-based programs are not normally considered for internal funding sources such as entrance scholarships, minimum funding packages, teaching assistantships, research assistantships or graduate research assistantships. While external scholarships and awards for graduate students who fall under the above criteria are often limited, we encourage you to explore some of the external scholarship databases available for possible funding opportunities.