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This person should help you move on the right path. You should be patient and have a sense of tolerance to maintain a good friendship. There should be no suspicion and no disbelief in such kind of relationship. True friends are worth more than all the treasures of the world. Friendship is doing your best to make your friend happy. Friendship is forever, no matter what. It is the most wonderful relationship that every person can have if he or she is loyal, dependable, kind, caring, and loving.

True friends try to avoid conflicts and do everything possible to make their relations stronger. Some people can even make sacrifices and risk their lives for a friend. Friendship is being able to cry together. Friendship is being foolish together. It is being mad at each other. True friends are always ready to protect each other from being hurt emotionally and physically. It takes time and patience to build a strong friendship and achieve trust between two soulmates.

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It is very important to have somebody with whom you can share your thoughts freely. A good friendship is very difficult to come across. That is why we should appreciate this divine relationship that is based on understanding and feelings.

There are a lot of benefits of friendship. We just need friends to live happily. Lasting friendship is a blessing for everybody. They give us total freedom to be who we really are. We should be grateful to people who make us happy. A true friend is one of the most precious possessions that one can have in his life. To start writing a letter in French, you need the proper salutation and the correct title of the person you are writing to. For personal correspondence where you do not know the person you are writing to, you can choose from the following:.

You may use the following salutations:.

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Take note of proper spacing when writing punctuations in French. When writing a sentence with a question mark or an exclamation point, there should be a space before and after it. For example: Bonjour! The same applies to writing colons and semi-colons, as well as quotation marks. Just like the salutations, you will also need to use the correct closing at the end of your letter.

For personal letters to acquaintances or friends that still require a level of formality, you may close it using the following expressions:.

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Please note that the translations are not exactly the same, but they more or less express the same thought. For informal letters to close friends and family, you may be very liberal in showing your fondness to the person by using the following informal closing:. Take note that the above closing expressions are similar to saying "hugs and kisses" or "XOXO" in English.

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You simply cannot use it to close a letter to, let's say, your boss or the hiring manager in the job you're eyeing. See also: French text slang and instant messaging shortcuts. The first one is a personal letter and the second is a business letter.

The urge suddenly takes me to tell you of one of my many adventures …. Of course, starting and ending a letter written in French is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Here are more tips in writing letters in French. See also: The ultimate guide to using tu vs. Let's face it, writing an email in French is another hurdle you must surpass. Whether you're writing an email to your boss, a colleague, or someone you barely know, you gotta make sure everything's in place before you hit the send button. Like in English, there are also a set of email phrases and expressions commonly used when signing off in formal emails.

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Aside from the usual "merci" or "merci beaucoup", here are some ways to end an email in French:. Want to save a copy of this article on your device? Simply sign up to the Talk in French newsletter by clicking the download button below. Letter-writing is still a necessary skill despite the many new forms of communication available today. I hope this short guide will help solve your woes on how to write letters in French.

Hopefully, you learned something about writing emails in French, too! For the complete lesson on French letters including audio guides and exercises, grab your copy of My French Routine, a complete learning series that you could use to learn French independently from beginner level to advanced. Check it out below.

My house has 2 balcony. I love myself. My friend. Amoureux de mon amie. Mon ami. Essai sur mon village. Ma ami. More context All My memories Ask Google. Add a translation.

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