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Dynamic followership advocates for trust in a leader hence encouraging the followers to willingly influence and be influenced by the leader. Both ideologies agree with the notion that trust and followership are perquisites to good leadership while enabling the followers to behave consistently and predictably as per the set organizational norms. The expert follower is well supported by the seventh truth which states that challenge is paramount for success.

By allowing a two-way leadership process, the followers and the leader are engaged by challenges, and hence it gives the followers the opportunity to handle and solve future problems and obstacles. According to Latour and Rast , dynamic followership promotes leadership that is two-way and authentic between the follower and the leader.

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

This excerpt agrees with Kouzes and Posner's situation of leading by example or not to lead The process of influencing followers to improve organization and fulfill the mission can only be achieved when leading by example while admitting mistakes as they arise. With respect to leadership and followership, I am an effective follower. This well characterizes my abilities to share credit and exercise superior judgment while admitting mistakes. Therefore, a leader can only manage to achieve something with the blessing of the followers.

The customary hierarchy that exists between leadership and followers have worn out with time as a result of escalating social networks and increasing empowerment of the followers through easy access to information via internet Nelson, Employees nowadays have full access to information about the organization and the stakeholders, and therefore leaders have lost their traditional role of being the sole source of information. For the above reason, employees can no longer follow their bosses blindly since they become more informed and sceptical.

Majority of the leaders have discovered that empowering their followers with vital knowledge and skills is very important for the success of the organization. These have led to the adoption of concepts such as team building, objective management, and total quality management among others.

Follower Readiness as It Relates to Situational Leadership Model

Nelson states that institutions that falls short in developing their employees may lose competitiveness with time. Let's see if we can help you! In the past people feared to use the follower but these rend is changing with time. Nowadays people are becoming more willing to acknowledge the fact that followers are more important in the leadership process.

Researchers have stabled that some of the exemplary, brave and luminary followers have become a pre-condition for successful organizations and institutions. Therefore, people are advised to stop looking down upon followers since good followership matters a great deal in the contemporary global economy Ellice, According to Kelly , based on two categories, there are five main styles of followership.

The first category of followers is referred to as the Sheep. These followers are the type that can never think for themselves and often rely on their leaders for motivation and advice. This category of followers are very common in work place and in religious organizations where there leaders think for them and direct them on what to do.

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The second category of the followers is the so called yes-people. They are always affirmative and very supportive to the leadership but still seek guidance and direction from the leaders Kelly, Yes-people are the most energetic followers and always want to help in whatever course. They always believe that there is more to being a follower. The third category is the alienated followers who are independent but influence the leadership negatively.

They are the category who are resistant to change and very conservative Ellice, With their energy and independence, they still can not enable the organization to move in the forward direction and always feel as the superior people besides the leadership in an organization Kelly, Another category is the pragmatic followers.

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In other words, they are those people who likes sitting on the fence but can not accept to be left behind. Ellice, refers to this category as survivors and would wait until everything is cleared out to get on board.

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They have to evaluate any decision made by the leadership to make sound judgement. When they agree with the leadership decision they will give it full back up, but when they not satisfied they will always offer alternative solution Ellice, Star followers are ready to challenge the leadership on any decision made and are at all times willing to offer the best alternative to help the leadership and the organization move forward Kelly, Star followers are regarded as leaders in disguise since many leaders have a very hard time to acknowledge fact that some followers can exhibit such an independent and positive character Ellice, Therefore, star followers despite of the giving the leadership some cold chills, they form the pillar of a successful organization.

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All the above categories of followers can transform into star followers through empowerment and access to vital information. This has been made easier with the escalating use and development of information technology especially internet Miller et al. The above categories have help people to understand why there have been a lot of negative stereotypes regarding followers and appreciate the positive followings that nobody ever mentions Ellice, Many scholars have always been narrow-minded when it comes to the issues followership.

However, followership encompasses wider issues that affect the world including terrorism, corruption, global business empires, sports, culture, languages among others Kelly, The first class of leadership is the authoritarian leadership. This type of leadership makes decisions single-handedly and gives direction to their juniors on the course of action to undertaken.

Leader-Follower - Couple Coaching Example

Another category of leadership is the democratic leadership. The last category of leadership is the laissez-fair which is also referred to as free leadership. Here the management or the top leadership avoid making decisions at whatever cost and this responsibility to the juniors. Nevertheless, democratic leadership is the most popular among good leaders around the world. Democratic leadership fosters satisfaction, high morale and creativity, and good working relationship between the followers and the leadership. The present perception of leadership is mostly leaning towards the positive end.

Ellice, cast leadership as an act of bringing together leaders and their followers in the quest for an important and ethically desirable change.

Many literatures on leadership are about the power of positive consideration of leadership. Most of them feed the wrong impression about certain leadership that their efforts are well deliberated. Leadership like any other concept have the positive and the dark side.

Kelly states that failure to recognize the negative side of leadership and its influence can lead to distortion among learners on leadership process and its resultant influence.

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The positive aspect of leadership robustly reflected in the ideology of social power as discussed by Kelly Tags: army ego respect trust sacrifice selflessness servant leaders insight learning character servant leadership power. Total Length: words 3 double-spaced pages Total Sources: 1 Page 1 of 3. Outline I. Introduction with thesis statement: Servant leaders and their followers are two sides of the same coin, as both followership and servant leadership require a dedication to shared values and goals.

Topic 1 sentence: Unlike the concept of followership, servant leadership is ultimately about making strong decisions with vision and foresight. Subtopic 1: Within the framework of servant leadership, followers offer input and feedback but are not responsible for making important decisions. Subtopic 2: Servant leaders are entrusted with the power of foresight, but do rely on followers for ideas and alternative points of view.