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Many may say he was nothing more than a traitor to his King, but I say he was so much more. Look beyond his actions in the later period of his life, and see the man beneath the stony exterior.

I beg you to look back at his early years, the years of life filled with joy and love. He was at good man at heart, and although later on life he displayed a darker side, one that even I can not totally dismiss, he was not evil. He cared deeply for his friends and family. In truth, he was just a man, like you or I. He was a man whose circumstances and ambition helped decide his ultimate fate.

Even if you abhor his actions, as I do, you can still admire his commitment to his ambitions.

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He may have killed in cold blood to attain these dreams, but who of us has not considered the thought, even if fleetingly. Perhaps he went too far, but he did go. Many of us will spend our entire lives dreaming, not doing. Please remember that he was nothing more than a human being, with human talents and human faults. Judge his life not by its end, but consider his talents and faults, for even I If Macbeth lacked limits, he was more free than any of us will ever be.

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Supernatural In Shakespeares Plays. Tragedy In MacBeth. When I was coming back from the place where your body laid the other day it seemed so odd to me.

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For them life goes on but for me it felt like life had stopped. It felt like life came to a sudden stop the other day when I saw you below your bedroom window.

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When I knew you were gone, it seemed that the world should have stopped because you left it. I miss you so much already and I don't know if I can take this pain anymore. But then I think, how can I be sad when I know you're in a better place and how can I be sad when you brought me so much happiness. I am thankful though for every single second that I had the privilege to be in your presence. Your mom and I could never have asked for a better daughter.

Everything you did made us proud. From your earliest days at home, to your last moments here with us, you made us the luckiest parents on Earth.