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Both narratives use characterization to cast a personality that is unreliable, developing a sense of uncertainty and confusion in the audience. S Arthur states how alcohol was deemed an anathema thus preventing individuals from thinking lucidly in the midth century. This suggests that Drogan might have been consuming his own goods and therefore hallucinating everything.

Despite these patent similarities, the two seemingly same tales of horror in fact share a handful of pivotal differences. He is well aware that ambiguity can manipulate the audience into discomfort as information is being withheld. On the other hand, King extensively incorporates visual, tactile and auditory imagery majorly using descriptive language to build a vivid illustration of a bleak and abandoned setting. The contrast may be a consequence of their respective eras.

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Post-Modernism horror on the contrary, relies on graphic descriptions in order to level with animation and films. Another dissimilarity that is present is the application of ironic devices. With both authors coming from a relatively broken home with the absence of a father figure, the human-feline relationship that occurs in the story perhaps is how Poe and King perceive and approaches their past relationships with their family. A final difference encountered within the stories is the implementation of foreshadowing. He takes this sign seriously and does not let his guard down.

This eventually leads to his death. As for King, he is seen to be more inclined to characters that the general audience would relate to in order to increase sales, as that is how he makes a living. Nevertheless, both short stories display a plethora of valid devices and techniques that encapsulates the ideas and environment of two distinct yet equally legendary macabre geniuses. A few days later Police arrive to inspect the house and hear a loud cry from inside the wall.

Essay on The Black Cat by Edgar Alan Poe

They open it up and find he dead wife along with the Cat. His dad left a year after he was born and his mother died the following year.

He was never officially adopted but John and Frances Allan took him in. This only left him with more debt. He then came home after a year of college to This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Read more. After turning to alcohol he becomes very violent and starts to abuse his animals and his wife.

The man became more and more violent and took his rage out on the cat. He was a bully. He killed. Hunt English March 21, Sanity and Love No More Memories of lost loved ones usually are portrayed as something purely positive and a source of comfort, a way to keep them close and active in the memories of those left behind.

Edgar Allan Poe does the opposite by portraying the memories as a burden that one cannot escape. The loss of a loved one can cause anyone to enter a deep depression.

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Edgar Allen Poe is. The film signs create a sense of suspense and tension by. Poe's intention when writing 'The Fall of the House of Usher' was not to present a moral, lesson, or truth to the reader; he was simply trying to bring forth a sense of terror to the. Strong Essays words 2.

Representations of Madness in "The Yellow Wallpaper" and "The Black Cat"

This twisted tale is told from the perspective of an anonymous narrator, describing his blameless hand in the murder of his beloved cat and his wife. The deranged narrator tells his version of the horrific events, while trying to convince the reader that he is a sane man.

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Strong Essays words 4. The story starts out with the narrator proclaiming that he is sane despite the horrific events that he describes. The tale revolves around the narrators black cat, an innocent creature that is abused through no fault of its own. As the story progresses, the narrator becomes more and more violent, which leads to the murdering of his wife and his ultimate demise. In order to have a good story there are certain criteria that it should be judged on What if the people we love are no longer trustworthy and become violent.

How do we escape such madness when every exit in the home seems walled up.

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Edgar Allen Poe taps into some of our deepest fears, using the genre of horror. The horrific effect that these have on the family slowly unfold as Poe unravels the mind of the protagonist It is unfortunate however, that the narrator comes off as quite unreliable.

Not only does he constantly repeat notions of his sanity, but he often displays extreme and irrational emotions, and presents his story in a pseudo-logical manner that manifests itself in his rambling narration and unexplainable actions