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Typical costs are as follows:. A tremendous amount rests on the written work you do for your degree. The prices we have quoted are very reasonable given how important it is to present your work as carefully and accurately as possible. Please note that the above currencies are referenced only for your convenience.

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Worldpay, our payment processor, will charge your account in Pounds Sterling which will be reflected in your native currency at the current exchange rate. If you would like to submit your document to be proofread, you can complete our online order service here. This will allow you to upload your file and pay using our secure online payment facility. If you'd like to get in touch with a query, a comment, or anything to do with any aspect of our service, please choose from one of the areas below. How much will it cost to ensure that your work is in perfect English?

Essay words. Dissertation Masters Level 20, words. Thesis Doctoral Level 70, words. Being paid for your time and not driving away customers is difficult, since the business I am starting is in tax preparation. The free programs are generally okay, but I find they each seem to have their quirks. The large franchises charge a premium based on their overhead and franchise costs. The do-it-yourself programs are nice, but if the user has a concept error, their only assistance is someone on the other end of a phone, reading from a playbook.

And I can see where it would be hard with tax prep, since there are so many cheap programs. This was a very timely post for me!

Dissertation/thesis proofreading and editing services

Question, how are you providing your editing remarks to your clients. My rates are a good bit higher — especially for content editing — than what you noted. Like you, I use track changes, plus a clean one, when track changes is possible. This has gone back and forth 3 times. Should I switch to an hourly rate instead of my per page rate? If you have clients that repeatedly do this, then yes, an hourly approach might work better. Could you also consider the new layout and format as new pages to edit in addition to the original pages and add them to the total of pages you edit and charge accordingly?

Charging for formatting should, IMO, be something different. I usually base my prices on what they send me originally. If I need to do a great deal of formatting, or substantially alter something, I get back to the client and try to work out what they feel works in terms of a separate charge.

Makes sense. The reason I ask is that when I was an independent contractor designing training for the Federal government, clients would often come back with changes — typically additions — during revision that were beyond the scope of the original agreement. I learned to watch out for that and to let the client know that these new additions were beyond the scope of the original contract and let them know the additional cost of making those changes.

It seems fair as its more in the proofreading category. And would you be willing to share what the set rate would be for under words. I was looking over a manuscript for a client to give her an estimate and discovered it needs quite a bit of copyediting as my client is ESL so there is a lot of grammar to correct.

I think single-spaced. So about words per page. I could be a little off, though.

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In the end, you charge what you think you can get, and what the market bears. The Editorial Freelancers Association defines a page as words. Hi Miranda, I found your article quite helpful. How do you handle requests for editing a large project for charitable purposes. He says it will be partly a fundraiser for The Leukemia Society as well as for his own future medical expenses.

It seems he needs something between proofreading and content editing. There is a reality that one is operating a business and only has so much time. But I do warn that it might be slower going, since I have to fit it around the paid work.

HOW I PROOFREAD MY PHD THESIS - 250 pages - Essay Editing Tips

And, there are times that, just as when you have to say no, you need to pass. Really it comes down to what you can handle, and what you have time for. And for a large project like that, I would be up front about it taking a little bit longer. You want to help out, but you also need to earn a living. Everyone knows then what is truly going on. Makes everyone act differently re: gratitude, etc. Also there is the matter of a receipt, and tax purposes.

The quote is needed. This reminds me of my poetry. People started asking me for poems for their weddings, anniversaries, etc.

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  8. Finally, I started giving them a price and they stopped asking. You used to be able to take tax deductions for in-kind professional services but that was eliminated.

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    Thank you. The proofreading is sort of part of the light editing, so I would combine them. Hi, Tracy! Is that right? If you think a company may want to use you on a regular basis, what would you think about charging a kind of retainer fee, i. A retainer can make sense, if it is ongoing work. You just need to make sure that the retainer is sufficient to cover the time you spend when you are required to work.

    Another thought if it is ongoing or a very large project is to ask the customer for your monthly rate of your cloud program. However, I have no idea what to charge for this kind of project. Any input you have about this type project would be helpful. Hi Doug, it really depends on what kind of editing you are doing. I stopped taking editing jobs because no matter how much I make hourly for editing, my time is more profitably spent writing an article or two. This has been very helpful as I am considering being a editor and offering my services to people. Now I am wondering if I offer to all three types of editing should I still charge only 20 dollars a hour for each?

    If you charge by the hour, you should charge differently based on the type of editing. The more in-depth it is, the more you should charge. Your output should be what varies, with more output on less intensive tasks proofreading vs. So, here goes! Before you worry so much about what to charge, I would make sure that your skills are refined, and that you are in fact qualified to provide this service.

    In your paragraph I have found several spelling and grammatical errors. I only say this to be helpful, both to you and to those of us in the industry who wish to maintain the integrity of the English language. After all, we want people to always be assured that paying good money for editing services will yield good results.

    My question is about quoting hourly rates in general—that is, before a manuscript has been seen. I tend to evaluate any piece from the copy editing point of view with a strong impulse toward content editing. And, my natural inclination is to work dirt cheap. What method might I propose up front to assure a potential client that the time I would charge reflects actual time spent on various types of editing?

    Hourly? Or Per-Page?

    What do you or other lancers suggest? Normally I ask to see the manuscript before I quote a price, and I make sure that the client understands what type of editing they want. That allows me to make a more accurate quote during the times I actually agree to edit something. They are concerned about freelancers padding the hours to make the rate higher. It would be much better balanced and worth the time and effort. What do you think? I like the idea of trying new ways of charging to make the experience more beneficial for everyone involved.

    I really love your ideas, Gloria Dulan-Wilson!! I am going to write this down and use it to develop my price structure! I just received my first request for book editing in the non-ficton category and had no clue how to structure my pricing to come up with a fair quote for both me and the client. By charging different rates for the editing and consultation, and basing the original quote on the initial page count or word count, it seems more fair to both parties. Great response! This is almost the route I plan on taking.

    How Should You Charge for Freelance Editing?

    I know some clients may be skeptical about the per hour charge and the actual bill. If the that time was actually used editing and proofreading. Your approach is balanced!

    Do you charge them for the time reading and responding to those?