Develop thesis statement narrative essay

Below is an outline that should help you to organize and structure your essay so that it flows well and stays focused on the topic.

Introduction Includes the thesis statement somewhere in this paragraph followed by your 3 main points for discussion. Restate your 3 main points and end with how your personal event or experience changed you or had an impact on you. My childhood was filled with memories of colorful events, experiences, and circumstances that have change my life.

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  5. Thesis and Purpose Statements;

I often reflect on one childhood experience that helped shape the person that I am today. The summer of was the summer of my fifteenth birthday, and it proved to be the best and worst summer of my childhood.

This is the thesis statement I remember, with clarity, the life lesson I learned about friendship, an unbelievable heartbreak , and a vivid introduction into beginning adulthood. Although the summer of was filled with fun filled lazy, hot days by the pool or at the park with friends, it was also filled with three experiences that changed my view of people and the world. The introduction above gives you a clear thesis statement and three main points for discussion. A paragraph should have a minimum of 5 sentences. Once you have completed development of main point one, you want to transition into the second main point.

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Here is how you do it:. Example: The last sentence in your paragraph or paragraphs for main point 1 should read something like this: The life lesson I learned about friendship was a difficult one, but it was not nearly as difficult as the crushing heartbreak I experienced during that sultry summer.

Narrative essay structure

A narrative essay can also be aligned with anecdotal, experiential and enable the author to pen down his point of view. Narration in the narrative essay is different from telling a story since the story is fictional and narration is non-fictional. In storytelling, the author is free to change or twist the story and change the plot, but in the narrative essay, the author has to be bound to the real events to develop a cohesive arc of memory and events the way they happened.

Narrative essay has a thesis statement which is absent in the story.

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  • Narrative essay, like all other essays, have an outline, and the following steps are the easiest to develop an outline for the narrative essay. If you want one, follow the below-written details;.

    Purpose statements

    An introduction in narrative essay comprises of a hook, Significance of narration and a thesis. In short, an essay should be short, precise, interesting and relatable with the reader.

    It should grasp the attention and intrigue the reader to move forward to read the narration. The characters present within the narration should be described to show the involvement of the people and their development.

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    Each paragraph should elaborate on the situation and setting in which the story has taken place. The conclusion must have the following components. The outcome should have a moral end to the story and end with an ethical note highlighting the way character developed and action that should be taken in this regard.