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Noam Avram Chomsky was born December 7, , in Philadelphia.

Noam Chomsky

Son of a Russian emigrant who was a Hebrew scholar, Chomsky was exposed at a young age to the study of language and principles of grammar. During the s, he began developing socialist political leanings through his encounters with the New York Jewish intellectual community. Chomsky received his Ph. He conducted much of his research at Harvard University.

Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

Ward Chair of Modern Language and Linguistics. Today Chomsky is highly regarded as both one of America's most prominent linguists and most notorious social critics and political activists. In contrast to surface structure the outward form of a sentence , deep structure is an abstract representation that identifies the ways a sentence can be analyzed and interpreted.

Deep structures are generated by phrase-structure rules , and surface structures are derived from deep structures by a series of transformations.

The terms deep structure and surface structure were popularized in the s and '70s by American linguist Noam Chomsky , who eventually discarded the concepts in his minimalist program in the s. Four important properties of deep structure are:. One part of the debate focused on whether transformations preserve meaning.

Definition and Examples of Deep Structure in Grammar

Psychology Press, Three theoretical pillars support the enterprise: mentalism, combinatoriality , and acquisition A basic claim of the version of generative grammar was that in addition to the surface form of sentences the form we hear , there is another level of syntactic structure, called Deep Structure, which expresses underlying syntactic regularities of sentences. For instance, a passive sentence like 1a was claimed to have a Deep Structure in which the noun phrases are in the order of the corresponding active 1b :.

Similarly, a question such as 2a was claimed to have a Deep Structure closely resembling that of the corresponding declarative 2b :.

Noam Chomsky

Following a hypothesis first proposed by Katz and Postal , Aspects made the striking claim that the relevant level of syntax for determining meaning is Deep Structure. However, the claim was sometimes taken to imply much more: that Deep Structure is meaning, an interpretation that Chomsky did not at first discourage. And this was the part of generative linguistics that got everyone really excited—for if the techniques of transformational grammar could lead us to meaning, we would be in a position to uncover the nature of human thought Then, with the battle over, he turned his attention, not to meaning, but to relatively technical constraints on movement transformations e.

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Chomsky , MIT Press, I hope others will agree that the sentence justly represents its author: that it portrays a mind energetically stretching to subdue a dazzling experience outside the self, in a way that has innumerable counterparts elsewhere. How does scrutiny of the deep structure support this intuition? First, notice a matter of emphasis , of rhetoric. The matrix sentence , which lends a surface form to the whole, is ' S I was in time S ' repeated twice. But a glance at the deep structure will explain why one feels a quite different emphasis in the sentence as a whole: seven of the embedded sentences have 'sharer' as grammatical subjects ; in another three the subject is a noun linked to 'sharer' by the copula ; in two 'sharer' is direct object ; and in two more 'share' is the verb.

Thus thirteen sentences go to the semantic development of 'sharer' as follows:.

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In a fundamental way, the sentence is mainly about Leggatt, although the surface structure indicates otherwise Here I shall leave this abbreviated rhetorical analysis , with a cautionary word: I do not mean to suggest that only an examination of deep structure reveals Conrad's skillful emphasis—on the contrary, such an examination supports and in a sense explains what any careful reader of the story notices.

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