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Of the punishment of heretics. Of the extirpationof heresies Of Blasphemy and profanation. Of the indulgence of the Romans in matters of religion.

The story of Simon Moriu. Of witches. Of capital punishment. Of the execution of sentences Of certain sanguinary tribunals. Of the difference between political and natu ral laws.

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Of the crime of high treason ofTitus Oates and oj the death of Augustin de Thou. Of the revealing of crimes before commis sion by religious confession.

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Of domestic theft. Of the confiscation consequent upon all the crimes which have been mentioned.

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The idea of reform suggested. This is the fundamental principle of good legislation, which is the art of conducting men to the maximum of happiness, and to the minimum of misery, if we may apply this mathematical expression to the good and evil of life. If the passions, or the necessity of war, have taught men to shed the blood of their fellow creatures, the laws; which are intended to moderate the ferocity of mankind, should not increase it by examples of barbarity, the more horrible as this punishment is usually attended with formal pa.

Is it not absurd, that the laws, which detest and punish homicide, should, in order to prevent murder, publicly commit murder themselves We have proved then, that crimes are to be estimated by the injury done to society.

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This is one of those palpable truths which though evident to the meanest capacity, yet by a combination of circumstances, are only known to a few thinking men in every nation, and in every age. But opinions, worthy only of the despotism of Asia, and passions, armed with power and authority, have, generally by insensible, and sometimes by violent impressions on the timid credulity of men, To adopt it is to give way to the torrent of opinions.

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Aspetti del processo ai Lumi nel Novecento views. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Journal Help. Abstract Scholars have long recognized the debt owed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham to Cesare Beccaria His use of many Enlightenment ideas also makes it difficult to interpret what he has written.

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  4. While Enlightenment thinkers advocated free men and free minds, there was considerable disagreement as to how this might be achieved, except in the most general terms. The editors have based this translation on the Francioni text, the most exhaustive critical Italian edition of Dei delitti e delle pene.

    This edition is the last that Beccaria personally oversaw and revised. This translation includes an outstanding opening essay by the editors and is a welcome introduction to Beccaria and the beginnings of criminology.

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    Chapter Chapter 9.