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Thesis [term project], Stanford University, Download Page [composition Scenes from a Novel , op.

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Shadows of Romanticism. Volume Ii: the Edition. Thesis, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Selected works for double bass by Ben Johnston with critical commentary. Mozart, and Others. Cueva, Darren. Robinson, Paul Gene. Thesis, The Catholic University of America, A Thesis, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, A Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Thesis, Youngstown State University, Howell, Chelsea G. Thesis, UCLA, Thesis, University of North texas, Denton, Download Page [Quotation form p. Thesis, Brandeis University, Thesis, University of Wisconsin—Madison, Thesis, Boston University, Steffens, Lea F.

Thesis, University of South Carolina, Thesis, University of Georgia, Athens, Record Link Pavelka, David.

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Contrabass and Violins. M Thesis. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Record Link Hogan, Shelley C.

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Thesis, University of Melbourne, Tolo, Leland S. The Double Bass Bow. Thesis, University of Louisville, Kontrabas i Bas Gitara.

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Download Page Boll, Barbara. Thesis, University of Vienna, Campbell, Jeffrey R. Curtright, Toby. Geib, Michael Thomas. Teaching improvisation to orchestral double bass players: Significance and methodology.

Pace, William Walker. Ousley, Larry J. Schroeder, Dave. The evolving role of the electric bass in jazz: History and pedagogy. Download Page [Chapter 2. Download Page Damschroder, Norman L. Hill, Gareth. Download Page Hotko, Matej. Thesis, Akademija za Glasbo, Ljubljana, Record Link Hopkins, Tim. The Bass-Less Trio. Download Page Horvat, Stjepan.

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Sviranje Kontrabasa u Jazzu. Record Link Hojsak, Tihomir. Jazz Kontrabasisti. Thesis, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Download Page Lugg, Fiona. M Thesis, Sydney Conservatorium, Ramo, Audun. Hva er Jazzbassundervisning? Download Page Scott, Craig Blakefield.

Albright - Sonata for alto and piano - Second movement - AKMI duo

Torp, Kristian Olav. Thesis, University of Agder, Waples, Benjamin R. Thesis, University of Sydney, Sydney Conservatory, Download Page [ Translated: How do I practice? Download Page Pass, Kate. Thesis, Univerza v Ljubljani, Akademija za Glasbo, Thesis, Central Washington State College, Thesis, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, The Structural Evolution of the Double Bass. Thesis, Univeristy of Cincinnati, Record Link Manufacture Milliot, Sylvette. An Electric Upright Bass. Thesis, University of Calgary, Canada, Electric Bass Pollacchi, Leonard E.

Thesis, California State University, Thesis, University of Nevada, Reno, Octobass Siddiq, Sascha. Der Oktobass von J. Intermediate Studies for the Double Bass Player. Thesis, University of Washington, Chou, Yun-Chieh. Alexander Technique. An Analytics of Intonation for the Double Bass. Farrar, Carol Reglin. Hilgenstieler, Eric. Download Page Leavitt, Tod. A Thesis, Ohio State University, Download Page Morton, Mark A. Double Bass Technique: Concepts and Ideas. Moss, Kirk D.

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Download Page Rex, Cody C. Tietboehl Nascimento E Souza, Mauricio. Download Page Unzicker, Jack A. Download Page Valk, Alexis D. Pedagogy — Electric Bass Schroeder, Dave. Um Percurso Profissional. Thesis, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Thesis, University of Idaho, Brown, Noel G. Thesis, Brigham Young University, Chusmir, Marsha L.

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Clutton, Robert J. Composing for Double Bass: Intrinsic Particularities. Download Page Giller, Alexandra Patricia. Thesis, Universidade do Minho, Download Page Gordon, Edwin. Thesis, Ohio University, Athens , Master Thesis, Masaryk University, Brno, Hill, Jeffrey M.

The Beginning Double Bassist. Thesis, Kent State University, Horvath, Kathleen A. Download Page Isotalo, Pirkka-Petteri.